Cake Flavors

We can make any of our wedding cakes with any flavor that we have in our regular cake line but that is not where it stops. With enough imagination and advance notice, we can create or replicate most any flavor you desire.

At Anna’s, we only use natural ingredients with no artificial flavoring nor do we add chemical stabilizers or emulsifiers. We use only 100% Canadian Butter in all of our cakes so they are zero trans-fat. We also only use 100% real fresh cream or butter cream icings. We do NOT make rolled fondant wedding cakes as these are too sweet and heavy for our product line. As one of the professional wedding cake planners that regularly orders cakes from us for her clients put it; “some rolled fondant cakes are so hard and dry, you can rub two pieces together to start a fire.”

If you are unfamiliar with our product or want to address flavors you haven’t had for a while, we are happy to provide samples at our Head Office location only. Please call Ron or Angela at 604-876-6532 to arrange for a no-obligation flavor tasting session at our Broadway Location.

Another thing that should be considered is should you have more than one flavor for your wedding cake? Should all of your cake be the same flavor or should you make each tier a different flavor? Generally, we recommend that if you have more than 80 guests that you should seriously consider just having one flavor to reduce the amount of work required to get each person a different flavored slice of cake. The only exceptions you should keep in mind is if you have guests that may have allergies or if you have a lot of kids at the reception that may not like any flavor BUT chocolate! Also, if you are having other desserts, you might want to mix up the selection a bit more too.