Cake Tops

There is a large selection of wedding cake tops available on the market. Keep in mind that some wedding cakes look good without tops or do not require them if you put flowers or fruit on them. We try to keep a minimum of 50 wedding cake tops in stock at any given time. The prices range from $25.00 to over $300.00. The most expensive one we carry in inventory is about $100.00. Of course, if we don’t have one here that you like, we can order one in for you from any of international suppliers.

The difference in the cost of a cake top is the material and the workmanship. Most tops under $40 are made entirely of painted plastic. Tops ranging from $40 to $100.00 are usually made of ceramic or glass and are coloured in the manufacturing process or hand painted. Most all Tops over $100 are hand made with exacting details. The amount you spend on a top depends on your budget and priority. Some like to collect ornaments and prefer to get a nicer top while others are very happy to use a more economical, yet just as attractive, plastic top.