Pastry Cards

History of Chinese Pastry Cards

It is a long standing tradition that when the groom decides to take a bride, he must deliver pastries to all of the friends and relatives of the bride’s side of the family. Over the generations, this tradition has evolved into giving out certificates or cards instead of the actual pastries to make things more convenient for recipients. When shopping around for cake cards, make sure you are not fooled by large discounts. You pay for what you get and with Anna’s you get the reassurance that we will stand behind our products and service. If you have any questions about any wedding related information please contact Ron or Angela at 604.876-ANNA(2662) or contact us via the website.

Advantages of Purchasing

Anna’s Cake House’s Pastry Cards

Pastry Cards

  • We receive over 93%* of the pastry cards back (typical industry standard is a  70%) – your friends and family actually USE our cards and appreciate them as gifts. Unfortunately, since we get almost all of the cards back, we cannot offer as large of a discount like other bakeries but at least your money won’t go to waste.
  • We have 5 locations so your friends and family have better access to redeem them. Some other bakeries you must return to the bakery you bought them at even if they have more than one location.
  • Our cards do not have expiry dates.
  • We have three different value of cards to choose from ( 6 piece, 12 piece and $10) You can mix and match if you like.
  • The cards can be used at face value to purchase any of our products if so desired.
  • Our 1 dozen quantity cars can be used twice to get 6 pieces each time to ensure that you always get the freshest product possible.
  • We have been in business in Vancouver for over 30 years (so you know we’ll be around when your guests want to redeem the cards)
  • Our cards with quantities are price protected. If we do a price increase your 6 or 12 piece cards can still get 6 or 12 pieces
  • We print the cards on the traditional paper and supply red envelopes (some other bakeries use plain coloured photocopy paper in hopes that you will lose or spoil them)
  • There are discounts on purchases of $500<, $1,000<, $2,000<.
  • If you get your wedding cake from us you will get the same discount as you did on the cards as well as having other benefits like subsidized delivery cost and reduced rental fees  etc..(with minimum purchase)
  • And of course, you have our guarantee of the highest quality bakery goods.

* the lowest year is 93% and the highest is 97% from 1995 to 2000 within a 3 year period

How do I redeem these cards?

If you have read the above, you know that there are 3 varieties that we have. There are 2 that go by the number of pastries that you can get (6 or 12) and one that is a fixed dollar value ($10).

The latter is used just like a gift certificate. You can simply redeem it for any product in any of our bakeries for $10 of goods. Unfortunately, there is no cash value for the cards.

The cards that are assigned a quantity of pastries are based on our most popular pastries. This is done in accordance with the Chinese tradition as pastries were originally handed out and not coupons or gift certificates. Please note that many in older generations may be offended if they receive dollar valued cards if they are traditionalists.

As we have over 65 variety of pastries we have used our most popular ones as the baseline price as this is most closely follows the tradition. We do not publish the price of the pastry cards on each card as the cards increase in value as we increase our pastry prices. Simply put, no matter what the face value of our base pastries are, you will always be entitled to 6 or 12 of them regardless of inflation. Please note that you may use the 12 piece on twice to receive 6 on each occasion.  Please feel free to use the face value of the cards to purchase pastries outside of the standard ones that these are valued at.