Wedding Games

Wedding Games
By Popular demand, here are some popular games that are played on or with the bridal couple. If you have any other games, please let me know (Email). Some families or cultures may be sensitive to some games or consequences you perform on the couple. Please ensure that no protocols are breached before playing a game.

Blindfold the groom (you don’t want to mess up the bride’s makeup). Put 4 different coloured (flavoured) life savers in the Bride’s mouth. Have the Groom fish each colour out in a specific order (get the audience to choose). For each one he gets wrong, he has to do a drink (if he has been drinking too much may I suggest a full glass of water for each error)

Pop the Balloon
Get the wedding party out and place a balloon between each woman and man (use your imagination of where to put the balloon). They have to hug tightly enough to break the balloon. The last one to do it is punished. (Do not fully inflate the Newlyweds balloon – it makes it harder or impossible to pop). Punishments can be anything from kissing, to singing , to carrying the bride around the room, etc…

Instantly-Wed Game
Same as the Newly Wed Game – When the Bride leaves the room to change (or powder her nose) ask the groom some questions about them to see if the Bride answers the same when she returns. For each wrong answer you can offer a punishment. Sample Questions would be: What was the other person wearing when they met? Does the other person like their toilet paper to roll off the top of the roll or the bottom? Who is smarter, the bride or the groom and why?
You can also use do the above game with the bride and groom taking off their shoes and exchanging one of theirs for their spouses. Make the questions so that they have to answer with either a him or her. For example, “who will be the one who takes out the garbage?” The newlyweds would then hold up the shoe that corresponds with who they think is going to do it. Of course the couple have to be back to back so they cannot see how the other responds!

Egg through the Pants
Everyone does this one. Get a raw egg and have the Bride insert the egg in one of the Groom’s pant legs and then fish it through the pants until it comes out of the other pant leg. If the egg doesn’t make it through in one piece, it is punishment enough. Some people have used frozen oranges or sponges.

Raw Egg Transfer
Put a raw egg into a cup. Have one newlywed pour the egg into their mouth; then, have him/her transfer the raw egg from their mouth into their spouse’s mouth; then have him/her spit the egg back out into the cup. You might want to get them some bibs so that they don’t get their attire eggy.

Guess the Lip Stick Marks
Have a few girls (or guys) kiss a sheet of paper along with the bride. The Groom then has to correctly guess which one is hers.

Guess the Hands (Calves, Thighs, Butt, etc… work too)
Blind fold the participant and have him or her feel a certain body part of some volunteers and then their spouse (remember your doing a family show here!). Then he or she has to guess which one was their partners.

Sniff out your Mate
Like Guess the Hand, the participant must identify their counter-part by smelling a certain area (we recommend hand or neck).

Cinderella (Whose shoes are these?)
Same as the above two – but they don’t have to smell them.

Pen in the bottle
This is a communication game. You need to prepare an empty bottle, string, a pen and a stick and a blindfold, (last 2 are optional). You put a bottle on the floor and tie a pen to a string. If you have a stick and a blindfold you can do this “fishing” style. Blind fold the groom and have the bride give him instructions on how to lower the pen into the neck of the bottle. If you do not have a stick and a blindfold, you can tie the string and pen around the grooms waist so that the pen is behind him (like a tail) and the bride can get him to set the pen in by giving him instructions on squatting.